“Aunt Ilia” is located in the district of La Galga, belonging to the municipality of Puntallana, which formerly was called the granary of the island for its big variety of cultivations.

       In this district we can find among other riches the Cubo of Galga, laurel forest and world biosphere reserve of great natural beauty, mainly because of the variety of vegetation.

       The house is situated in the costal area of this district, which offers you a welcoming climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. You have direct sea view and various cultivations which adorn the landscape covering the mountains with a blanket of different colours.

       The house was built in 1918 by the great grandfather of the owner of the house, Sir Leandro Brito, initially was designed to de used as a barn because the family lived in the midlands and the animals were on the coast. Past several years one of his daughters got married and prepared that construction as her residence.

       In 2002 the great granddaughter of Sir Leandro Brito, the current owner of the house, decided to rehabilitate the house as location of rural tourism (turismo rural), having in mind the location of housing in a rural setting surrounded by cultivations from the area like vineyards, banana and others according to the season. In its repair it has taken special care to upkeep the architectural features of the house.